Big League Chew Assorted Display Pack 48ct

Big League Chew Assorted Display Pack 48ct

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Item Description

This is a special from the manufacture. Product date for Original and Grape is 11/2020, Apple 7/2020. While sitting in a bullpen one night, Portland Mavericks' lefthander, Rob Nelson, and teammate Jim Bouton, the former New York Yankee All-Star, wanted something really different and fun to chew. That's how Big League Chew (or shredded bubble gum in a pouch) was born and became a hit with ballplayers everywhere. It's the fun gum that keeps your mouth from getting dry when the game is on the line. With long lasting flavor and plenty of gum in every pouch, Big League Chew bubblegum is no doubt the best idea to ever come out of a bullpen! Product features:
• 48 assorted packs of Big League Chew bubblegum
• Flavors include original, sour apple and grape
• Manufactured by Ford Gum
• Proudly made in the USA

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