Beach Bucket Filled With Candy & Toys 12ct

Beach Bucket Filled With Candy & Toys 12ct

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Item Description

With 4 wrapped lollipops and candy 'sand' inside, you already know these beach part flavors are where it's at. But when you add in the sand castle bucket, and 4 sand toys, what you end up with is the best beach candy and toy collection we've ever seen. The Bucket itself measures 3" tall by 3 wide. With the candy toys inside, it makes this bucket over 5" tall. Whether you're having a party or wedding on the beach, or simply looking for summer party favors for you little one's birthday,these bring a lot of fun and flavor for a nice price.
  • 12 mini castle buckets in each order
  • Each castle bucket includes: 4 lollipops, candy �sand�, sand shovel, sand rake, sand sifter, sand scoop!
  • Beach Bucket Toys n� Treats are the perfect summer party favors

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