Baby Candy


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Baby Candy

Celebrate a bundle of joy in the sweetest way: with candy of course! Whether you are planning a gender reveal party, baby shower, or sip and see, we have you covered. Candy plays triple duty because it is perfect for party favors, games, and decorations.

We of course have all the pink or blue candy for a baby shower or other baby related event. This ranges from blue and white candy gummi drops, pink rock candy sticks, and sixlets candies in a range of blue and pink shades. These look really beautiful in large jars, or set out in bowls for snacking throughout the party. Hershey bulk candy is also available! We love our Hershey's kisses and when they are wrapped in blue or pink foil that makes it all the more festive. If you don't want your party to go with the classic baby colors, we have a ton of other options like green and yellow, so you can't go wrong!

Explore all of the wonderful baby candy available at and start feeling inspired!