Sour Flush Lollipops 12 Count

Sour Flush Lollipops 12 Count

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Sour Flush toilet candy takes potty humor quite literally! When we first saw these novelty lollipops, we couldn't wait to add them to our store. It's not every day you see a tiny plastic toilet filled with sour powder candy, so when you do, you buy them in bulk! As for how to eat that bowlful of candy powder? Simply lick the plunger lollipop, swirl it around in the bowl, and give it a taste. And don't worry if it's a tough candy clog - each toilet candy comes with 2 plunger lollis! There is not equal amount of flavors packed in each box!
  • 12 toilet candy novelty lollipops in each box
  • Flavors include: GREEN APPLE, BLUE RASPBERRY, WATERMELON - At Times There Can be More Of One Flavor Than The Other.
  • Funny lollipops make memorable party favors!

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