Online Candy Store Free Shipping – Does It Exist?!

Welcome to Blair Candy, your neighborhood online candy store! We've been successfully in business for over three generations now, and we owe our thriving business to all of our loyal customers – namely, you! One of the questions we often hear from our happy customers is if we'll ever offer free shipping. Well – here's the secret behind online candy store free shipping – it doesn't exist!

It's true that there's no such thing as a free lunch, and no matter what, someone has to pay for that “free" shipping. In most cases where free shipping is offered, it's instead cleverly added to the prices of the items, so you're not actually getting free shipping. Now, we're of the philosophy that we should be open with our customers, so tricking you into thinking you're getting online candy store free shipping just isn't our style!

Instead, we aim to keep our online candy store prices as low as possible. We don't always have control over shipping costs and would love to see them much lower, but we do have control over our prices and want to pass our deliciously low online candy store prices on to you. It's our prerogative to be upfront about the real deal behind free shipping, while still being able to provide you with candy prices to delight your sweet tooth, instead of emptying your wallet.

We do have fun sales throughout the year, so be sure to sign up for our online candy store newsletter to stay in the know on sales to help you save a few extra bucks, too! We also regularly hold candy contests for our social media candy-loving friends on our Blair Candy Facebook, @CandyPam on Twitter, and @BlairCandy on Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled and your mouse ready to click when we hold our next candy contest.

So does online candy store free shipping exist? Nope. Someone always has to pay for it, and more often than not, the price of it is simply passed on to customers through increased item prices. We'd rather be upfront with you and simply keep our online candy store prices low. But then again, we're not your average online candy store. We're