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What sugary treat is more of a classic than lollipops? Lollipop candy has been around for a long time, and that's good news because it means there's been a lot of time to think up some really fun lollipop candy ideas! Whether you're looking for bulk lollipops for school fundraisers or Halloween lollipops to hand out to all your friends and family, Blair Candy has the goods! For some fun novelty lollipops, check out some flip phone lollipops or ant and worm lollipops by Hotlix.

If you're looking colorful characters, we've got lollipops we've got Disney and in a variety of flavors! You can also find lollipops in every color. Just pick the scheme you need and order up some fun whirly lollipops or twisty color splash pops. And here's a hint: all of our red-themed lollipops will make great Valentine's Day candy in bulk to give to that special someone.

We really have more lollipops here than we can even mention. It's definitely worth a look if lollipops are on your list for school fundraisers or other events. Check out all our lollipops in bulk right now!