Mallo Cup Dark Chocolate 24 Count

Mallo Cup Dark Chocolate 24 Count

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If you love rich chocolate and marshmallow with a hint of chewy coconut, you're certain to 'mmm' your way through a box of Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups in no time! The Boyer Mallo Cup candies are a popular, nostalgic choice in both milk and dark varieties, and pair perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea. Eat them at room temperature, or pop 'em in the fridge for a firmer consistency. No matter how you eat Mallo Cups, your taste buds will be glad you did!

  • 24 packs of Dark Chocolate Mallo Cups in each box (2 in each pack)
  • Each pack of Mallo Cups is 1.5 oz.
  • Collect 'play money' in each pack to redeem through Boyer!
  • Made in the USA by Boyer Candy Co.

Note: As tasty as they are, Mallo Cups melt very easily! We recommend choosing next day air shipping and adding ice packs for this item. Just one bite and you'll know it's worth it!

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