Gummy Strawberry Creams 5lb Bag

Gummy Strawberry Creams 5lb Bag

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These delicious strawberry gummies have been a popular favorite for many years, and they only continue to gain fans! A delicious candy classic, this is a dual-layer gummy. The top half is made of typical gummy material � think gummy worms and gummy bears. But the bottom is where things get interesting! This softer, creamier gummy pairs with the sweet, strawberry top for a taste that is pure perfection. The two layers provide an intriguing bite that is both gummy and almost marshmallow-like. It�s a bit hard to describe, but falling in fruit-flavored love with these strawberry gummies isn�t tricky at all!

  • 5 lbs. of strawberry gummy candy in each bag
  • Not only do these taste great, but they�re designed to look like real strawberries! An eye-catching addition to candy buffets, favor boxes, or as a pretty present.
  • Made by Kervan USA

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