Gummi Missing Body Parts 4.4lb Bulk Bag

Gummi Missing Body Parts 4.4lb Bulk Bag

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If you want to make your Halloween candy buffet super scary, then you need to get this gummy candy! Vidalfs bag of missing gummy candy body parts definitely ranks as a creepy Halloween candy on our list. Each bag of this Halloween gummy candy has gummy body parts to make your guests do a double take. Don't let the gross shapes fool you; these gummy candies are flavored with delicious fruit flavors. Once people realize how delicious they are, they become an instant favorite. That's why we carry them in a 4lb bag!

  • Each bag of Halloween gummy candy weighs around 5.25lbs when shipped.
  • Want to buy creepy Halloween candy in bulk? Visit our Wholesale page to see how you can purchase wholesale Halloween candy.

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