The Comeback of the Decade: Dunkaroos

The Comeback of the Decade: Dunkaroos

May 22nd 2023

Ah, the ‘90s. A time of walkmans, beepers, butterfly hair clips, and of course, that golden ticket in every lunch box - Dunkaroos. If you're a true ‘90s kid, you know that the joy of opening your lunchbox to find this magical snack was indescribable. Today, let's dive into the delicious history of Dunkaroos, their temporary disappearance, their triumphant return, and the recent flavor addition that has all of us drooling: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Dunkaroos!

Let's start by rewinding to 1990. Introduced by the snack food juggernaut, Betty Crocker, Dunkaroos were the ultimate cool-kid snack. It was a simple yet genius concept: mini cookies that you dunk into a small vat of frosting. With a kangaroo as its lively mascot and an array of flavors, Dunkaroos were all the rage. Nothing made you the talk of the playground faster than pulling out a packet of Dunkaroos during snack time.

Fast forward to 2012, the year that Dunkaroos disappeared from store shelves in the United States. Reasons varied, from changing snack trends to a more health-conscious public, but whatever the cause, ‘90s kids were left heartbroken and craving their nostalgic treat. The Dunkaroo drought lasted eight long years and while there were petitions, pleas, and social media campaigns, it seemed like Dunkaroos had gone the way of the Dodo.

But hold onto your snap bracelets, folks! In 2020, the snack gods smiled down upon us, and Dunkaroos made an epic comeback. After a successful teaser campaign on social media, Dunkaroos were back in stock and ready to transport fans back to simpler times. The Original Dunkaroos with cookies, vanilla frosting, and rainbow sprinkles, were there to greet us, and boy, they were just as amazing as we remembered.

Since their return, Dunkaroos have once again become a snack staple, resonating not just with the 90s kids now all grown up, but also with a new generation of fans. The nostalgic pull of the '90s combined with the timeless delight of cookies dipped in frosting made Dunkaroos' comeback a roaring success. As if that wasn't sweet enough, Betty Crocker had a surprise up its sleeve, one that could give us all a sugar rush.

In a beautiful collision of nostalgia and innovation, Dunkaroos announced a new flavor: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Dunkaroos. Yes, you read that right. The beloved cinnamon-sugar cereal has been transformed into Dunkaroos. We all know the best part of a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the sugary milk left behind. Well, picture that delight in the form of frosting, ready for dunking. It’s a dream come true!

The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Dunkaroos keep the tradition of the kangaroo-shaped cookies, but the frosting is where it's at. It's a creamy, cinnamon-sugar explosion, perfectly capturing the essence of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. While it might seem like a ploy to double-dip into our nostalgia, we're not complaining. The combination is as brilliant as it is delicious.

Dunkaroos aren't just a snack; they're a trip down memory lane, a celebration of the '90s, and a testament to the enduring power of tasty, fun food. Their disappearance was a sad blip in our snack histories, but their return has been all the more triumphant.

From the original vanilla to the mind-blowingly tasty Cinnamon Toast Crunch variant, Dunkaroos continue to rule snack time. So here's to you Dunkaroos, the snack that connects generations, tickles our taste buds, and takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the '90s. May your kangaroo-shaped cookies always be plentiful, your frosting always be sweet, and your place in our hearts (and lunchboxes) be everlasting. As we dunk into the new and exciting flavors you offer, we are reminded of the simple joys you brought to our childhood and continue to bring to our lives. Keep dunking, folks, and let the sweet times roll! 

After all, whether you’re a '90s kid trying to relive the good ol’ days or a snack-lover exploring the universe of delightful treats, Dunkaroos are proof that sometimes, you really can have your cookie and eat it too – with a whole lot of frosting on the side! Here’s to many more years of dunking goodness with Dunkaroos, the nostalgic treat that never goes out of style.