Skittles and Its Reign in Halloween Candy History

Skittles and Its Reign in Halloween Candy History

Sep 12th 2023

It's that time of the year again! Ghosts and goblins come out to play, and the real treat of the season shines: Halloween Candy! When we think of Halloween, a handful of classic candies come to mind, with Skittles being a stand-out favorite. Ah, the delightful taste of the rainbow. Today, we're diving into the sweet history and allure of Skittles and its ascent to Halloween stardom!

Unwrapping the Past

Skittles came into our lives in the 1970s. Originally from Britain, they quickly took the U.S. by storm, promising a bite-sized burst of fruity flavors. Their bright colors and tantalizing taste made them an instant hit. Remember the first time you tasted the rainbow? It was magical!

As Halloween approached each year, candy brands competed fiercely for the prime spot in trick-or-treat bags. Skittles, with its vibrant palette and juicy punch, quickly became the 'it' candy to have. But what made them so appealing for Halloween?

Halloween & The Skittles Surge

Skittles' initial appeal was evident. They were small, colorful, and could be eaten without melting. As kids raced from door to door in their spooky best, Skittles became the most awaited treasure in their loot. The fact that they came in fun-sized packs made them PERFECT for the occasion. They're compact, easy to distribute, and a surefire hit with the little ones.

The Halloween Skittles surge isn't just about trick-or-treating. These candies found their way into party gift bags, as table decor (who can resist a rainbow centerpiece?), and even in Halloween-themed recipes! With millions of pounds sold every Halloween, it's clear: Skittles is the candy world's Halloween royalty.

Skittles Fact

Evolving Flavors & Growing Love

Over the years, Skittles wasn't content to rest on its fruity laurels. Recognizing our insatiable appetite for variety, they introduced a slew of different flavors. From the sour-packed Skittles to the tropical twist, the wild berry blast, and even a smoothie flavor – Skittles ensured it stayed fresh and exciting.

A Sweet Competition: Reese's & M&Ms

Now, while Skittles is a heavyweight in the Halloween candy arena, it does have some friendly competition. Enter: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and M&Ms.

Reese's, with its melt-in-your-mouth blend of chocolate and peanut butter, offers Halloween versions that are just too hard to resist. Their pumpkins and ghosts shaped cups? Absolute genius! It's a treat that perfectly combines the spirit of Halloween with a classic taste. Available in fun-sized packs, they're a trick-or-treating staple.

M&Ms, on the other hand, have been a candy bowl favorite for generations. Their hard candy shell, with a chocolate center, is iconic. Over the years, M&Ms have donned Halloween colors, embraced spooky packaging, and even introduced pumpkin and smores flavors to commemorate the season. And yes, they're available in those coveted fun-sized packs!

In Conclusion: A Candy-Filled Halloween

As October 31st approaches and the excitement mounts, one thing remains constant: our love for Halloween candy. Skittles, with its rich history and continual evolution, has proven itself a timeless favorite. Yet, it's the combined might of Skittles, Reese's, and M&Ms that fills our Halloween with a delightful sugar rush.

This Halloween, as you unwrap that Skittles packet, remember the decades of joy it has spread. And as you 'Taste the Rainbow,' take a moment to appreciate the sweet history behind it. Happy Halloween, candy lovers!