Connecticut Declares Lollipops the Official State Candy Thanks to an Epic Student Victory!

Connecticut Declares Lollipops the Official State Candy Thanks to an Epic Student Victory!

Jun 7th 2024

Score a victory for some students with a serious candy crush! In a victory sweeter than a sugar rush on a Saturday morning, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont this week declared the humble lollipop the state's official candy. But this story isn't just about candy cravings; it's a sticky-fied saga of student power and a testament to the fact that even the littlest citizens can have a giant impact!

Our sweet story begins at Dwight Elementary School in Fairfield, where a squad of third-graders were lobbying for lollipop domination! As part of a project that was more exciting than dodgeball, these candy connoisseurs decided to make their favorite treat the official state candy. Armed with research skills sharper than a candy cane and a passion for lollipops that would put Willy Wonka to shame, they dug into the delectable history of the lollipop. 

Did you know Connecticut has a secret lollipop legacy? Way back in 1908, a New Haven confectioner named George Smith cooked up a lollipop design he called the "Lolly Pop" – basically the lollipop OG! This juicy fact became their secret weapon, proving lollipops weren't just yummy, they were a symbol of Connecticut's innovative spirit.


But these weren't just candy crusaders; they were full-blown lobbyists in training! They swapped backpacks for briefcases and devoured information about the legislative process. They wrote letters to lawmakers and even delivered virtual testimonies before the Connecticut General Assembly. These pint-sized politicos impressed everyone with their knowledge of government and their unwavering belief in the power of the lollipop.

Governor Lamont's visit to Dwight Elementary to sign the "Lollipop Law" (officially Public Act 24-121) was a moment that would make even a lollipop Grinch grin from ear to ear. The pure joy on the students' faces as they saw their hard work pay off was enough to melt a gummy bear. This wasn't just about candy; it was about kids proving they can make a real difference in the world, one sugary step at a time.

Connecticut's lollipop law might seem like a lighthearted story, but it holds valuable lessons for everyone. It's a reminder that with a little creativity, a sprinkle of determination, and a whole lot of civic engagement, even the smallest voices can achieve sweet success. So, the next time you unwrap a lollipop,remember the story behind it – a story of student power, local pride, and the victory that's as colorful and delightful as the candy itself!


Bonus: Lollipop Fun Facts!

Did you know lollipops haven't always been the sugary swirls we know and love? Here's a quick lollipop lick through history:

  • Ancient Origins: Believe it or not, lollipops have been around for centuries! Candy historians trace their roots back to ancient Egyptians and Romans who enjoyed fruit and honey pops.
  • Medieval Makeover: Fast forward to the Middle Ages, and lollipops got a medicinal makeover. Doctors used them to soothe sore throats and coughs.
  • The Modern Marvel: The lollipop we know and love emerged in the early 1900s, thanks to innovations in candy-making technology. And guess what? Connecticut's very own George Smith played a key role in that with his "Lolly Pop" design!

So, the next time you pop a lollipop in your mouth, remember – you're not just indulging in a sweet treat, you're experiencing a bit of history! And who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to create your own sweet sensation someday!