A Sweet Milestone: HERSHEY'S Miniatures and Blair Candy Celebrate 85 Years

A Sweet Milestone: HERSHEY'S Miniatures and Blair Candy Celebrate 85 Years

Jun 21st 2024

In the whimsical world of candy, 1939 was certainly a year to remember. It was the year when HERSHEY'S Chocolate Company, a name synonymous with sweets, introduced the beloved HERSHEY'S Miniatures. This tiny yet mighty addition to the candy aisle was destined to become a timeless favorite. Coincidentally, 1939 was also the year Pat Dandrea founded Blair Candy Company, marking the beginning of a sweet legacy that continues to thrive today. As we celebrate our 85th anniversary, let's take a nostalgic journey back to 1939, exploring the origins of HERSHEY'S Miniatures and Pat's legacy with the history of Blair Candy.

The Birth of HERSHEY'S Miniatures

In the bustling era of the late 1930s, HERSHEY'S Chocolate Company was already a well-established name in the candy industry. Known for its delectable chocolate bars, the company sought to innovate and offer something unique to its consumers. Enter HERSHEY'S Miniatures – a delightful assortment of miniature versions of their popular chocolate bars. These tiny treats were an instant hit, providing a variety of flavors in a convenient, bite-sized form.

The original flavors of HERSHEY'S Miniatures included five iconic choices:

  1. HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate: The classic, creamy milk chocolate bar that had already won hearts across the nation.
  2. HERSHEY'S Bitter Sweet: Now called HERSHEY'S Special Dark, a rich, dark chocolate option for those who preferred a more intense cocoa experience.
  3. Mr. Goodbar: Combining smooth milk chocolate with crunchy peanuts, this bar offered a delightful texture and taste.
  4. Krackel: A crispy rice-infused milk chocolate bar that provided a satisfying crunch with every bite.
  5. HERSHEY'S Nougat-Almond: A candy bar that was part of the confectionary scene for just a short time, making its debut in 1939 and quickly being discontinued in 1942.

Hershey's Miniatures Image

Why Miniatures?

The decision to create mini versions of full-size candy bars was a stroke of genius. There were several reasons behind this innovative move:

  1. Portability: Miniatures were easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go snacking. They fit neatly into lunchboxes, purses, and pockets, making them a convenient treat for any occasion.
  2. Variety: Offering an assortment of flavors in one package allowed consumers to enjoy multiple tastes without committing to a single full-size bar. It was an excellent way to cater to diverse preferences.
  3. Sharing: Miniatures were ideal for sharing with friends and family. Whether at parties, gatherings, or just among siblings, these tiny treats encouraged sharing and spreading the joy of chocolate.
  4. Portion Control: For those mindful of their indulgence, miniatures provided a way to enjoy a sweet treat in moderation. It was a guilt-free pleasure that didn't compromise on taste.

Hershey's Miniatures

A Legacy of Sweetness: Blair Candy's Journey

While HERSHEY'S Miniatures were making waves in the candy world, another sweet venture was beginning in Altoona, Pennsylvania. In July 1939, our founder, Pat Dandrea, purchased a small newsstand nestled at 914 Green Avenue. From this modest establishment he served the “mom and pop” stores scattered throughout the area with candy and tobacco. Pat’s vision and dedication laid the foundation for what would become the Blair Candy Company of today.

From our humble beginnings, Blair Candy grew and evolved, adapting to the changing times and expanding its offerings. Despite the challenges and changes over the decades, one thing remained constant – the company's commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service. Today, Blair Candy is still family-owned and operated, with the fourth generation of the Dandrea family running the daily operations.

The Sweet Connection

As we celebrate our 85th anniversary, it's fascinating to see the parallel journeys of these two iconic names in the candy industry. Both HERSHEY'S Miniatures and Blair Candy have stood the test of time, delighting generations with their sweet treats.

Fast forward to today, and HERSHEY'S Miniatures continue to be a favorite treat. Their popularity has only grown over the years, with new flavors and limited editions adding to the excitement. The original flavors remain favorites, cherished for their timeless appeal and nostalgic value.